About the project

The map project was conceived by Istra Toner, glass artist and painter, together with groups of artists from several different countries. The project is a response to our desire to describe visually our experience of the place we call our home. The challenge was to create collaborative maps using textiles as the material of choice. The first exhibition of the project was in Spring 2014; the maps have since travelled to participating partner countries.

For more information about the various groups and individual artists please visit the pages for the participating countries.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Maps created in 2013

From April to December 2013 groups of artists from Australia, Croatia, England and Montenegro created maps of the place they call their HOME. Here they are. We would be please to include artists from other countries and cultures. For information about how to join the project, please contact us by e-mail: themapproject13@gmail.com


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  1. Here we are artists and friends, good work, many thanks everyone