About the project

The map project was conceived by Istra Toner, glass artist and painter, together with groups of artists from several different countries. The project is a response to our desire to describe visually our experience of the place we call our home. The challenge was to create collaborative maps using textiles as the material of choice. The first exhibition of the project was in Spring 2014; the maps have since travelled to participating partner countries.

For more information about the various groups and individual artists please visit the pages for the participating countries.

About the project

The project ‘Where I Live’ began in the spring of 2013 during a discussion with artists from studio Valeria in Croatia. We explored the meaning of the place we call our HOME: the geography, culture, history and our perceptions of being there. We chose textiles as the medium in which to represent our inspirations and explorations.

We then extended the project to artists from other countries in the belief that textile art lends itself to the use of locally found and reclaimed materials and local skills, and that any similarities or differences in the approach to working with textiles would show in the final work.

The form this project has taken is a partnership between groups of artists from different countries. The groups are self formed, self directed and self governed, regardless of previous experience; the only requirement being that artists work as a group on a single textile map, 1.5m x 1.5m in size, using the style and method of their choice.

The ‘Where I Live’ project is community oriented, not for profit, and mainly self financed; aiming to provide opportunities for artists to work together through co-operation and enabling them to enhance their practice by collaborating with a peer group whilst developing new ideas and techniques, and to get to know artists from other countries.

To date, 18 artists from 4 countries have contributed to this project; which is open to other artists and countries to join in the future.

Our Inspiration

Thank you to our sponsors:


„Centar za kulturu“, Tivat

Kulturno - informativni centar "Budo Tomović", Podgorica


ECPD EU U.N. Centre for peace and development, Pula


Wirral Festival of Firsts

St Lukes Church, Hoylake

Independents Liverpool Biennial

The Cornerstone Gallery
Liverpool Hope University

Bebington Central Library, Wirral